Dog Training and Behavior Consulting, LLC

Laura Donaldson, PhD, CDBC, KPA CTP

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, IAABC
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Lead Behavior and Training Consultant,
Cayuga Dog Rescue


I hold a Ph.D. in the Humanities and in 2007, graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior.  I am a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP;, which means that I have been assessed and certified as an excellent clicker training teacher as well as trainer I am also certified as a Dog Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC; This means that I have been assessed by a board of national experts in the field of dog behavior and found qualified to become a consultant (click on the "What is a CDBC?" page for more information on the certification process).  I have completed graduate (master's level) academic courses in Animal Learning and Behavior Analysis, Companion Animal Nutrition, Psychopharmacology for Animal Scientists and the Exploration of Animal Behavior (all with high "A" grades!).  

Because I am passionate about keeping on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge about canine behavior and in order to keep my certifications current, I have participated in many educational events, seminars and webinars.  Here is a partial list of my continuing education credits:

Puppy Start Right Instructors Course, Karen Pryor Academy
Expanding Your Force Free Toolkit, 3 part webinar series by Chirag Patel
Smart Reinforcement, instructed by Ken Ramirez, former head of animal
training for Chicago's Shedd Aquarium (semester-long course)
 "The Learned Dog," Harvard University
(semester-long course in animal
          learning theory)
Canine Ethology, Raising Canine Webinar
Canine Aggression (3 day seminar with Brenda Aloff)
Reactive Rover Camp (3 day seminar with Pat Miller)
Clicker Expo (Providence, Rhode Island)

I am currently the official behavior and training consultant for Cayuga Dog Rescue, located in Ithaca, New York.  When I am not doing behavior consulting or working with CDR, I participate in tracking and sheep herding activities throughout the Northeast with my Border Collies and my Golden Retriever.  
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