Day Training

Day training is the best option if you want your dog to learn more quickly, and it is an ideal solution for busy professionals or families.  I come to your home to train your dog several times a week.  Typically, a minimum of at least 3 sessions/week for several weeks allows for optimum results, and each session lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Day training enables you to benefit from a professional's quick mechanical skills and ability to read your dog accurately in order to achieve progress effectively and minimize stress for you and your dog!  Owners will participate in periodic "transfer" sessions to learn how to work with and maintain the behaviors that their dogs have learned. 

The day training curriculum focuses on  building basic obedience and life skills such as sit, down-stay,  settling on a mat, loose leash walking, come and socially excessive  behavior like barking and jumping.  While there is a basic curriculum,  day training is also customizable based on the goals of the owner and  the needs of the individual dog.  For example, if a client wishes her  dog to learn how to jump into the back of a vehicle, the foundation for  this can be started during day training and then transitioned to the  client's vehicle.  Similarly, if an owner needs to walk his dog beside a  baby stroller, this behavior can be taught during day training.  Each  session builds on previously learned skills and may also involve trips  to pet supply stores or other dog-friendly places for socialization  exposure. 

Each day training session includes delivery of an email log detailing  that session's training elements as well as time in/time out.  It also  contains recommendations of what owners can do at home to maintain the  training goals for that week.  The suggested commitment at least 3  sessions per week for 2 weeks, because it usually takes that long to make a noticeable difference in your dog's behavior.  Day  training offers busy owners the chance to save time and energy by  letting me take care of the basics -- book your sessions today!