ONLINE SESSIONS for this period of social distancing!

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Book An Online Session


Our dog's behavior issues usually do not follow the human calendar, and this is true even now, during the corona virus crisis. Because of the need for social distancing, the closing of businesses, schools and colleges as well as the mandatory restriction of group size, I have begun offering online behavior consultations in place of my usual in-your-home practice. If you need help with your dog's behavior, please contact me to book your online session asap. 

What You Will Get

Book An Online Session

Book An Online Session


I do online dog training using Zoom Pro. This platform is very user friendly and streams with high quality video. Sessions are usually about an hour and only your space and available technology limits what we can do. Live exercises and demonstrations are very easy using Zoom -- we can even run an agility course! If you've never tried online sessions, this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and open up a whole new realm of possibilities. Click on the "Book an Appointment" button right under my name above to book your online session today.


Outstanding results from doing online dog training


 "Laura is a wonderful human being who is great to spend time with. All good , easy, happy and sympathetic to whatever needs discussing and I reckon will know the best way to achieve the outcome that is wished for."

   (unsolicited endorsement from a dog training 

   professional colleague, 2020)


 “Training  is a lifelong process of befriending the dog — a process of mutual  understanding and care that is most fully and satisfyingly through  gentle and considerate means.” (Stephen R. Lindsay) 

 For millennia, people have believed that the Four Sacred Directions balance the world and signify completion and wholeness. Four Paws, Four Directions Dog Training & Behavior Consulting, LLC  emulates this belief by using a positive dog training philosophy to  facilitate the social and spiritual relationship between canines and  their human companions. Four Paws, Four Directions Dog Training & Behavior Consulting emphasizes positive, force-free dog training that  gives dogs confidence and makes them eager participants in the learning process. This approach to training helps owners and their dogs work together harmoniously.  Dogs learn life skills and good manners— everything  that a canine good citizen should have—and humans learn more effective  ways of communicating with their canine partners.  For a  glimpse  of what this training can mean for you and your dog, please view the  video of River ignoring the herd of deer under the "Testimonials"  column below. I  worked with this team over a period of a few months and am delighted  that they have achieved such spectacular success with non-reactive and calm leash behavior!   


I am both a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC; AND a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP; I graduated with distinction in 2009 from the Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training and Behavior, a demanding program requiring both knowledge and skills assessment as well as work with multiple species of animals -- in my case parrots, chickens, llamas and cats. In March 2019, I was featured on the KPA website as the international Karen Pryor CTP of the month. I am also very proud to be the only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in the Finger Lakes region! Many dog training "certifications" are little more than certificates of completion issued by the same organizations that a trainer paid to gain their education. In contrast, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants is a completely independent organization whose goals are to standardize and support the practice of companion animal behavior consulting through rigorous peer review and continuing education. Please see the "What is a CDBC?" page for more information on why this certification is so important. IAABC certification means that my credentials have been carefully vetted by an independent board; that I have accumulated hundreds of hours (and now approaching several thousand) worth of hands-on experience; and that I have been deemed professionally and ethically qualified to consult with owners about all their dog's behavior issues.  

My PhD is in the humanities and because of that, I bring a wealth of knowledge about the psychology of teaching and learning to my work with dogs and their humans. I have completed master’s level coursework in the fields of applied behavior analysis, animal behavior, ethology, and companion animal psychopharmacology and actively participate in many continuing education opportunities. While in the past, I have competed in sheep-herding trials with my dogs (and still have my own flock of Navajo Churro sheep), I currently focus on my behavior-consulting practice full-time. I am also an official mentor to prospective dog trainers completing the program at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy (   

Award Winning Writer on Dog Behavior!

Maxwell Medallion Front

  I am delighted to say that my article, "The Cognitive Revolution and Everyday Dog Training: the Case of Look at That" has been awarded the 2018 Maxwell Medallion for best magazine article on dog behavior and training! This is like winning a Grammy for dog writing and is awarded annually by the Dog Writers Association of America, an organization devoted to promoting excellence in journalism about dogs. You can find this article, along with several other that I have published, on the "Dog Training Articles" page.  The "Behavior Matters!" article was also selected as a finalist for the 2018 Maxwell Medallion award.  


From Private Clients:
"Thanks  to some wonderful training we did with Laura . . . last summer, River  loves showing off how good she is at ignoring things . . . especially  lots of things!"

           Scott H.