The Power of 3-Minute Games is crucial to changing dog behavior with the positive attributes of GRIT, bravery, desire and passion. Confidence is crucial for all dogs, but it’s even more important for dog that worry about their environment. Confidence, GRIT, passion and motivation are all intertwined and playing the 3 minute games that I offer is one of the best and most fun ways to develop these concepts in our dogs.

The games that I use to teach your dog CALMNESS, FOCUS, FLEXIBILITY, TOLERANCE OF FRUSTRATION are super fun. Games provide awesome learning opportunities for dogs without them even realizing they are training. It is one of the best ways to create long-term, permanent behavior change in your dog. For example, in the bottle game, you can use the squeaky noise that a plastic bottle makes to help dogs learn that staying calm whenever they hear loud or unexpected noises makes wonderful things happen. The "It's a Knockout" game uses a puppy or dog's ability to knock over objects to teach GRIT, or the ability to keep on keeping on. You will also learn how to invent games that address the individual issues of your dog. Games-based training is only limited by your creativity!

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The Cardboard Chaos Game

An example of the games-based concept training that I offer!

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