These are testimonials by clients of their transformative experience with Four Paws, Four Directions Dog Training.  Contact me if you want to realize similar changes in your dog's behavior! 

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The pictures in the above photo gallery were sent to me recently by a client that I've been working with for a few months. Rocky, the brown and white dog in the picture, is a wonderfully sweet rescue dog from a high-kill Kentucky shelter whose owner called all those months ago because her new dog had run across a busy city street and attacked another dog that was walking on leash (no damage, thankfully, other than a traumatized owner!). Rocky's threshold for reactive behavior was at least 100 feet or more.  The owner has worked incredibly hard, followed all my training and management protocols consistently and the above pictures testify to the ample rewards: a dog that is now able to walk calmly on-leash with another dog!! While there is always more to learn, the story of Rocky shows how much can be accomplished with excellent training as well as owner commitment.

Rocky Plays for Life

I've been working with Rocky and his owner for about a year. Rocky's owner originally contacted me after Rocky escaped on leash, ran across a busy city street and attacked another dog, also on leash. After a year of hard work, Rocky can now play appropriately with another dog! This is an immense breakthrough for this very sweet but very anxious dog. As Rocky's owner commented: "That's a year of working on this together! high fives to all involved!!"


 "Dear Laura, thank you  so much for all your help, guidance and support with me and Jolene  these past two years! I'm so glad that I've been able to rely on you. I  really appreciate all the time and work you've put into helping us!  Thank you so, so, so much"

Allison T.



"I would like to say again how much I appreciate your help. I felt supported and confident during the whole training. And I'm so so happy about Keke's progress. We could never do this without your professional help!"

Shu Chen


From a client whose dog didn't listen and had many fear behaviors

"Sterling has made amazing strides forward, more than I ever expected. It all started of course with your training techniques and i have slowly but diligently been working with sterling.  he was moving along slowly until a few months ago when he somehow jumped over the fence in the backyard, still not sure how. It's 6' high, must have been a one in a million chance that he jumped up onto the small box that holds electrical stuff for the power company and the adrenaline carried him over after a squirrel. When I looked over the fence I saw him a few houses down wandering the backyard, and I called to him to let him hear my voice. I got into the car and went around the corner and parked out front of the house where he was. I called his name and he came running and we got into the car. Just as simple as that. It's like something clicked in his head and he associated his name with something positive because after that he started listening to me and his learning has accelerated quickly. When we are outside and I call his name to come back inside he actually comes. Walks right beside me and gets excited about it.  Going inside is no longer a negative thing in his mind because he knows he is going to get rewards for it, whether it be treats, praise or affection. Usually all three. He doesn't run away from me anymore, has no issues with me putting a leash on him. The transformation has been incredible. "