Dog Training Articles

 I  am including several articles about dog cognition and dog training that  I have written over the past several years plus position statements and guidelines that I believe you will find helpful.  My own articles deal with how  research on the cognitive abilities of dogs has transformed some of the  most commonly used, everyday practices of dog training. The first article, "The Cognitive Revolution & Everyday Dog Training: The Case of Look at That"  was originally published by the Journal of the International  Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and then was republished by The Chronicle of the Dog, the  national journal of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The second article, "Behavior Matters! Counterconditioning and the Cognitive Revolution" also originally appeared in the IAABC Journal and then was rewritten and retitiled for The Chronicle of the Dog. Both of these articles have been selected as finalists for the Dog Writers Association of America award for excellence in magazine writing about behavior and training. I am including  both articles in pdf format. I eventually plan to publish both of these essays, as well as  other musings on this topic as a book, but in the meantime, enjoy!